Here are friends of Fade2Black and some places of interest...

 Great place to find out what is going on in the world of Rock and Blues

If you want to know who is on and where it is happening - check out Diane's Blogspot
The New Barrack Tavern - Great Pub, Great Beer, Great Food...Great People - and the 'official' home of F2B.
Special thanks to Kev and Steph for supporting the band
 Great Guys, Great Band...
 Blues news for Nottingham - by the legendary Barry Middleton
The Blues Cafe - Great venue - and many bands. Nice!

Gibson Guitars, a history, a heritage - like no other... where the Doctor gets his prescription

"Pops" Callaghan - Ex-Chord Maestro of F2B - is a Fender man to the core - closely followed by "Sparks" on Bass

Vintage, retro, true blues... say what you like - Ampeg - an amp sound to die for...

Marshall - The foundation of British rock and blues - just ask "Pops"

Ashdown - bass amps - "Sparks" gets down and dirty with these beauties...