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The "Cloud 9" Historic Gibson Les Paul 1959
The 1959 Gibson Les Paul is considered by many as the Holy Grail, the Stradivarius of the electric guitar.
I was also born in 1959 and as a guitar player have always been drawn to this instrument.
On taking VR after a long career - it seemed right to mark that moment -
 so I bought this 2004 Gibson Custom Shop reissue of this iconic guitar.
As well as looking like a vintage instrument - special chambering within the body gives it an 'old wood' sound too.
The Martyn Booth Classic - 2pr
On turning 50 and after 35 years of devotion to guitar playing
I decided to fulfil my ambition of having a handmade guitar.
I am a long time lover of the highly regarded Yamaha MSG guitar, having played and owned two of them.
Designed by the acclaimed UK luthier Martyn Booth - who now makes custom versions of his original design - I turned to him to help me make this dream come true.
I was able to choose the wood and specify the electrics (Bare Knuckle Stormy Monday pickups)
The neck was carved to suit my individual hand.
I was also able to design the headstock and fret inlays myself
creating a unique and intimately personal guitar.