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Hello, I'm Richard Warr and the lead guitarist with Fade2Black 

After some grim early musical experiences with a violin and a trombone, my life was transformed when my Father won a guitar in a raffle - I was 13 years old and my life changed forever.

Something about the look feel and sound just made me want to play. Since then I am rarely anywhere without a guitar somewhere near.

The first big concert I went too was to hear Rory Gallagher. That was when I knew I had to not just play guitar - but play live.

Musically, my tastes are very wide, rock and blues of course, by way of Peter Hammill and Van der Graff Generator to the Trio Bulgarka.

Guitar sound wise - some players just grab your attention. You may never have heard the song before - but you know who is playing guitar - they have a sound and feel that is unmistakable. For me, Peter Green, Gary Moore, Santana, BB King, Ry Cooder and Rory Gallagher have all made their mark on me.

I owe a great debt to my close friends Jack Roberts (aka Tony) and his wife and music partner Jill Roberts. As a member of their bands, The Bingo Brothers and Private Jack, I learnt what it was to perform live, to record, to really listen to what you are playing - and to give everything you have in a performance. 

Jack is also an artist - I love his work, and have been inspired by it for the visual side of Fade2Black - take a look...

I cannot forget the love, support, encouragement, understanding and tolerance of Barbara - my darling wife and and lover of slinky blues.

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8 years on


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