The Band Members



Fade2Black: We have a very straightforward approach to our music -
we pick songs we love and that fit in the Fade2Black groove.

Lead guitar: Richard Warr   Drums: Steve Paling   Vocals: Steve 'Redders' Redhall  Bass: Sparks  

Old Friends & Past Band Members...          

Time passes, people move on... but life, change and music link us all...

People who have been an important part of the F2B story:

Zoe Jameson                                 (F2B 2012-2014)            Vocals/Harmonica

Catherine Cross                            (F2B 2011-2012)             Vocals

Frazer Barnes                                (F2B 2011-2012)             Second Guitar/Harmonica

Amelia Carter                                (F2B 2007-2011)             Vocals/Second Guitar

John "Willo" Wilson                   (F2B 2007-2009)            Vocals

Tony "Skins" Dennison             (F2b 2001- 2009)            Drums

Steve "Redders" Redhall           (F2b 2001-2007)            Vocals & Harmonica                           

Dennis "Pops" Callaghan          (F2b 2001-2006)             Rhythm Guitar - "The Chordmeister"

... and this is how we used to sound...a trip down memory lane to the very first line-up:   Texas Strut   Baby what you want me to do