Band History

It all started with a man and his dog - as all the great stories do!

Back in time, a guy, John, walked his dog, Stanley (R.I.P. Dec 2009 - loved and missed), taking the same route everyday. Sometimes he heard guitar playing and eventually figured out where it was coming from. One day he called by and introduced himself - he had met Richard for the first time.

Turns out John knew quite a few musicians over the years and had an annual jam session in his garden - and Richard was invited to mingle.

At the jam session were Andy, Pops Callaghan & Tony Dennison. They are also regular members of the Sheffield based band - The Call.

Jamming and drinking were the order of the day - an event now repeated every year since 1999

While everyone had other band commitments 'twas just a summer thing!
In 2000, a voice from the past, Steve Redhall - the singer in one of Andy's previous bands made appearance at the summer jam.
In 2001, Andy (Pops and Tony) were looking out for new possibilities - as The Call seemed likely to change.
In December 2001, those fated to be in Fade2Black started rehearsing. The music came a lot easier than the name - which took 6 months - but we realized we made a great sound.
Mid 2002, the first gigs........great fun and great reaction to our music.
And that brings us up to date. Investment in PA, Lights and a whole heap of wires, leads and all the tech stuff,,,,,,,,and the stage awaits,,
As things turned out, the two bands- Fade2Black and The Call  now run in parallel with some members swapping from one to the other, enabling them to play the wide range of music they love.
It is now Autumn 2006 and changes are starting to happen. Dennis 'Pops' Callaghan leaves the band and we explore life as a 4 piece band.
  It all feels very different but the music takes on a new character - leaving behind some old songs and adding new ones to suit the new line-up
In February 2007 Steve decides that it is time for him to leave also - after a fabulous of 5 years with the band.  
  With Steve's last gig as part of F2B in April 2007 - comes the announcement of a new line up - with vocalist John "Willow" Wilson joining us hot on the heels of his success in The Big Heat alongside another new member - Amelia on vocals, rhythm guitar and violin.

A new look and sound... but the music lives on.

It is now February 2009 - and things change and move on once more. Tony has decided that it is time to move on. In the last two years the band has gone from strength to strength, playing more venues travelling further and meeting new people. None of us will forget the great time we had playing our first Germany Tour in November 2008  
  So we welcome a new drummer - Steve Paling. There is a hint of deja-vu for Andy "Sparks" Smith - as they played together years ago in a band called Chimera. With a rock and blues background - Steve joins us from The Blues Buddies.

So, another step for F2B as we look ahead to another FAB year with some great gigs lined up already... it's going to be fun.

Summer 2009 - is turning out to be our biggest year to date and our biggest gig to date too. The Farmyard and the Ramsbottom Blues Festival standing out especially  
  As we reach the end of 2009 - John decides to leave the band and we reform as a 4 piece with Amelia taking centre stage on vocals - the next adventure for F2B begins...
It is July 2011, Amelia has moved on to follow her own ambitions and we enter a new phase - returning to be a 5 piece - fronted by Catherine on vocals and Frazer on 2nd guitar/harmonica  
  This line up was fairly short-lived and folded in February 2012. While interesting musically, Catherine was always destined to leave in late 2012 due to her academic studies. We decided, for personal reasons, to end it early and have a total rethink about the band. Frazer left also at the same time.
This gave us the opportunity to think about who would want to join the band and who would be the best fit musically.  
  In mid 2012 we met Zoe, vocalist and harmonica. Instant chemistry musically and personally. At the same time we rehearsed briefly with guitarist Greg... this was less successful and musically it was felt the 5 piece format was leading us to repeat ourselves.
We then remembered how it felt performing as a 4 piece when we toured Germany a few years before and how good it was. So we decided to go forward as a 4 piece - this time with Zoe and Steve. Months of rehearsals later and a fresh new sound and approach we started gigging again in 2013 and loving it... bringing us to today...  
  In October 2014 - Zoe leaves F2B - and we wish her well for her future musical projects. In the meantime we begin the search for new members and look forward to the next incarnation of the band.
In February 2015 - our original vocalist Steve 'Redders' Redhall rejoins the band. A reunion in more ways than one. When Redders last played with F2B it was with Tony on drums - with Steve P on drums the band now has a very different feel - but the two Steve's are not strangers having played together many years ago in a band called Chimera. So there you have it - a mix of old and new and the F2B train has once again left the station...  
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